I can’t express enough how grateful I am to all the performers and teachers who made this festival such a great success!

If you are interested in being a part of our 2020 festival email us at kimber9a@gmail.com

Our talent from 2019 Festival…

Daizy Coupel Daigle,

I am a Minister, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Cupping Therapist and Sound Healing Alchemist. I have been practicing Healing Arts for over 20 years. I do consider myself a Mystic often combining Shamanic trance work into my healing sessions. I let spirit guide me. In my private sessions I will often combine different modalities together to create an amazing Spiritual Physical, & Emotional healing experience for the entire Holistic body. These sessions are personally customized for each individual intuitively using Massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystals, Cupping, and Sound Therapy. In a group setting I create a beautiful relaxing, releasing, experience which uses sound & crystal therapy of the crystal singing bowls, and chimes, combined with Reiki Energy to stimulate the Energy Body, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical body, on a level in which you must experience to truly appreciate.

Vovin Lonshin,

Vovin describes himself as a Thelemic Luciferian Kaos Mystic. A lover and seeker of all ARTz. A creator of art & magick and magical art. He is the designer of the magical board game Noar, creator of an Algolian Sigil Oracle card deck, and co-creator of the sonick sigil system of magick. He is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO), The Order of Phosphorus (TOPH), Ordo Algol (OA), and the APes of ThOTh (Ath). He is also a long time practitioner of Enochian Tesseract magick.

His musick he describes as psyKaos or TranSonic. His poetry he describes as Mystical Alchemy of the Heart.

If there is one thing he would like people to remember is “All is fair in art and magik, and baby art IS magick”.


is an accomplished DJ, Producer, Studio Musician, Performer, Songwriter, SoundEngineer, and All-Around Experimental Noisemaker from right here in Southern Louisiana.

After a well received performance at Reunion of the Spirits 2018, he has been working closely with members of the Gryphon’s Nest community to create new and exciting interactive sonic experiences interwoven with threads of primal spirituality.

Solar Bear was forged into existence in the fire circles of Drums in the Swamp, and he will keep coming back home to the Nest when he is called.

Brian Krohn,

Tribal drumming inspires the body, mind and soul. Ancient traditions combine with new instrument ideas to create a unique experience.

Brian is a well respected drummer and spiritual facilitator. He will be joining us as a teacher and ritual drummer, and will be bringing the soothing sound of his Handpan drums along with many drums and other instruments for festival attendees to experience hands on.

‘Instructive, age old rhythms and modern composition bring us to the now and just be in the bliss of sound.’

Azure West,

Mermaid Mistress of Glitz, Glam, and Mayhem, Azure is excited to share in this event with everyone and looks forward to sharing magic with those in attendance!

Originally from Washington State, Azure has lived in Texas since she was 21. While she began her magical path at the age of 13, she didn’t start incorporating her practice in her daily life until she was 25. Identifying as a Thelemite, Azure is a 4th and PI in the Thelemic Order, as well as working with a Hellenic path and devoted Priestess of Hecate. In addition to Thelema and Hellenism, she is Romani on her mother’s side and carries her family traditions close to her. Some of you might recognize her from the Tuatha Dea crew as she has traveled around with them for almost 5 years now when she can.

Kimberly Nina,

As a visual and performing artist Kimberly finds her inspiration in the small details and patterns of the world around her. Whether that be while meditating on the ripples in the swamp water made by the smallest rain drop, dancing with the leaves in the wind, or examining the firing patterns of a neuron.

Kimberly has been leading rituals and teaching spiritual and art classes though out the country for over 20 years. She is an ordained Inner Faith Minister, a High Priestess with the Sisters of the Burning Branch, Priestess with the Sisters of the Goddess Tree, Creator of Goddess Rhythms (a group dedicated to empowering woman through art), a level 2 Reiki practitioner and has studies Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval with a Shaman trained in the tradition of the Four Winds Society. She holds degrees in Studio Art and Psychology.

She believes that Art, Science and Spirituality are simple different ways of trying to understand this world we live in.

Just some of our amazing Dancers…