January 30th- February 2nd 2020… we will be expanding the festival to include an extra day of events. So start planning for next year.

Do you have an art project idea? Interested in preforming or teaching a class? email us at kimber9a@gmail.com

2019 schedule


Gate Opens 4pm:

8pm-8:30pm Center Field

Lighting of Brigid’s Flame:

Brigid’s Flame in Kildare, Ireland

We will open the festivities with the lightning of Brigid’s sacred flame. In pre Christian times Priestesses tended an eternal fire in the honor of Brigid, the Goddess of healing, poetry, arts, smithing, cattle and the arrival of Spring. Her flame has once again been lit and is being tended by the Brigidine Sisters in Kildare Ireland. We have been gifted a candle lit from this flame and this is what we will use to light our own sacred fire sculpture. All fires during the festival will be lit off this flame and contain Brigid’s healing energy and creative spark.

Poolside Show:

8:30pm Poolside

Poetry of Vovin Lonshin

Vovin will be preforming some of his Mystical Alchemy of the Heart that is his poetry.

Bellydance and Fire Performance

Some amazing dancers and fire spinners from our community and beyond will be here to share their talent and energy with you.

S¤LΔπ~β€Δπ Trance Music

Solar Bear will be performing a special interactive sonic experience interwoven with threads of primal spirituality created specifically for this event.


Veil Meditation:

10am-11am clubhouse


Take your veil work into an instinctive flow where the veil becomes an extension of your own movement. This is an experiential workshop covering a variety of exercises that participants can take home and work with to further develop a relationship with the veil. A 3-4 yard veil (silk or chiffon) is needed. Rectangular allows for greater possibilities. I will bring extras to share. Please bring your own, if you have one and if you have many, please bring any you are willing to share.

Community Painting:

11:15am-12:15pm clubhouse


Expressing yourself through art is an incredibly healing act both for yourself and the world around you. We all have an artistic spark inside us, but many times we are stopped by our fears and insecurities. In this workshop you will learn how to let go and get beyond the judging part of your consciousness and find that place where you are free to express yourself. Together as a group we will create an acrylic pour painting that will be one of the prizes for the evenings raffle.

Drummers and Dancers Bring it Together:

2:00pm-3:00pm Drumcircle


This workshop will focus on the dynamics of a drum circle and the relationship with the dancers and the drummers. This will be a fluid class based on the needs and desires of those attending. We will talk about other rhythm instruments and ways to feel at home even when you’re not dancing or drumming. We will cover and strengthen some timing rhythms and discuss any questions and feedback.

Playing with Fire:

3:15pm-4:15pm Drumcircle

Ever wanted to try fire spinning or dancing? Come learn how to do it the safe way. In this workshop you’ll get some hands on time with the fire props and a chance to light them up in a safe environment.

Community Potluck, Storytelling, and Raffle:

6:00pm-7:30pm Clubhouse/ Pool

Saturday evening we will come together to share food and our favorite tales. Anyone who wishes is encouraged to read their favorite poem, original or classic, share your favorite myths or tell a story about the Gods. We will also draw numbers for the raffle prizes at this time. Proceeds from the raffle will go towards the Pagan Pride Project.

Sacred Flame Procession:

8:30pm Center Field

We will meet at the Brigid’s Flame sculpture in the center field and together carry the flame to the fire circle.

Imbolc Ritual:

Saturday night will be our main ritual at the fire circle.

Drum Circle and Fire Dancing:

We will carry the energy raised during ritual into the night with drumming, dancing and fire.


Sonic Healing Sound Bath:

10:00am-11:00am Clubhouse


This healing meditation is guaranteed to relieve stress, reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and a deep, restful sleep. This amazing journey into the sacred sound begins with each attendee sitting or laying comfortably and then being “bathed” in sound waves and vibrations from the various instruments including crystal singing bowls and chimes, resulting in a deeply relaxing and healing meditative experience. Wear comfortable clothing and bring something to lay on. Come and relax and soak in the healing sound waves.

Pagan Round Table:

11:15am-12:15pm Clubhouse


Members of the the Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Project will lead a discussion about the needs and future direction of our local pagan community.

Closing Ritual:

1:00pm-1:30pm Center Field

We will meet to extinguish Brigid’s flame and say our goodbyes. Though the physical flame will be out, it will remain in our hearts and we will carry her spark and inspiration with us as we return to our lives and welcome the springtime.