I have fallen in love with FCBD Style Bellydance (formally know as ATS or American Tribal Style). FCBD style is a unique, improvisational group style of dance influenced by the folk dances of India, Africa, Middle East and Spain. This style truly embodies the saying ‘Dance is a language.’ Once one has learned the movement vocabulary and cues you can dance with anyone who also knows this language without ever speaking a word. I have completed General Skills for ATS Classic and ATS Modern and am working toward getting registered as a sister studio.
Early on I also discovered an affinity and love for props, such as veils, hoops, poi and fire fans. I have fused my flow art props with Bellydance to create a unique dance experience for my audience and my students.

Current weekly classes both Zoom and In Studio.

I’ve had the opportunity to dance at the following events and festivals.

Imbolc Fire Festival. 2019, 2020

Harvest Moon Festival 2019

Bayou Belly Festivale  2017, 2018

Wyld Fire Beltane Hunt  2016, 2017, 2018

Drums in the Swamp 2016, 2017

Reunion of the Spirits  2017

I’ve also been incredible privileged to preform with some amazing musical talents such as, Light Rain and Danyavaad

I’ve taught the following workshops…

Dance as Meditation 

In this workshop you will learn how dance can be an active meditation. We will explore which movements activate each chakra and how to move energy through our bodies. Using traditional Indian temple dance and mudras, together we will create a dance to experience greater gratitude toward ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Dancing with Your Spirit Animals

This workshop combines guided meditation and trance dance. Participants are first taken on a guided shamanic journey where they meet their spirit animals and dance with them. They then return to their bodies and beginning to trance dance where they transform into the spirit animals they meet in their journey.

Dancing Your Chakras 

In this workshop we discuss each of the chakras and learn which belly dance moves active each chakra. Students learn to move energy up and down the body activating and strengthen each chakra through dance.

Dancing with Fire Fans

This class is designed for the beginner fire spinner and fire dancer. You will learn some basic fire fan tricks and learn how to transition between them, and travel with them. We will also explore how fire fans can be incorporated into belly dance. Finally we will discuss ways to interact with the fire so that you may find your unique dance style. If you have fans please bring them, there will be a few extras for people to explore with.