Belly casts are a great way to celebrate pregnancy but are not limited to this. They are also great gifts for your significant other, family members, lovers, friends, or yourself.

They can be of the torso, pregnant belly, breasts, or buttocks. I use a two part casting process that produces a high level of detail and oil paints to create a one of a kind piece of art. We will discuss the imagery and meaning you wish to have and possibly do a shamanic journey. Below are two examples…

For this belly cast I first took the expectant mother on a Shamanic Journey in which she met her daughter as an adult and asked her what gifts she wished bestowed on her. Afterwards we decided together there needed to be two important elements in her painting. First the lotus flower is to remind her that no matter what life throws at her she is strong and beautiful. The second was to wish for her to have a life full of adventure and travel. This is represented with the butterflies and the wind.

This torso cast was ordered by a woman who wanted to give her husband a special Christmas present. She wanted it to express their love and passion for each other and all of the things they had done together. The flower represents her sexuality with its curves and the color orange was used as it is the color of the sacral chakra. This is the chakra of sexuality and creativity. The three peacocks represent their three sons that they created and raised together.

Body Casts start at $600. Message me if you are interested in this unique art form.