Kimberly Nina is an oil painter who loves to take seemingly unrelated topics and combine them in new and exciting ways. She has become known for her extremely bright, colorful and richly detailed paintings that portray concepts of both a spiritual and scientific nature.  

She primarily works with oil paints on canvas. Her color palette is non-traditional and highly saturated. At times she likes to experiment with mixed media and is constantly evolving she techniques.

Kimberly began her life long passion with art when she began oil painting at the age of ten. She went on to receive degrees in Studio Art and Research Psychology. After a 25 year career in Neuroscience, she has recently transitioned to being a full time artist and moved to the Phoenix, AZ area. She was drawn there by the beauty of the natural landscape and the excitement of its thriving art community. She believes that science, art and spirituality are just different ways of trying to understand the world we live in. 

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